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Top Gear Track 1

Top Gear (Top Racer in Japan), is a 1992 racing video game for the Super NES, published by Kemco and developed by Gremlin Graphics. Not only does it mark first game in the Top Gear racing game franchise, but it is also one of the first racing games to be released on the Super NES. The objective of the game is to become the fastest driver in the world by racing other drivers across several nations. The franchise is unrelated to the TV programme of the same name. The music in Top Gear mostly consists of remixed tracks from the Lotus series of racing games on the Amiga produced by Barry Leitch. For example, the title music of Top Gear is taken from the ending of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, and the third race of each country uses a remixed version of the Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge title theme. (Wikipedia extract)


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