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Top Gear (SNES)

This video was captured using the actual game on an actual Super Nintendo. This is me officially coming back to updating my channel and I wanted to add something new that I thought might be important down the line which is to show the actual game so you can see what it looks like as a courtesy to those who game hunt. This game here is partially responsible for me being the racing game fanatic that I am today. Top Gear even back in the day was very different from other racing games as it added a strategic element to racing not really seen before at the time. The game gives you four cars with very different strengths and weaknesses to fit your racing style. You also get a limited amount of turbos to use at your discretion. Between those two variables you have more to think about than just mashing the pedal to the finish line. If you chose the fastest car like I did, you need to watch your fuel gauge really closely and take longer to pit to have enough fuel to win the race. Yet another unusual thing about this game is it's constant spit screen. Yes. The screen is still split in half even while you're racing against the computer which is really odd. I suppose this was to keep the sprite size down, and even if it was, the game still doesn't run ultra smooth until someone pits. Even though the frame rate isn't the smoothest, this takes nothing away from the game at all. It just would have been nice if it did move smoother. The speed in this game can get absolutely insane to ...


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