Video - Top Gear - Season 17 Episode 5 (2011.07.24) Part 3 of 5

Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Top Gear - Season 17 Episode 5 (2011.07.24) Part 3 of 5

Top Gear - Season 17 Episode 5 (2011.07.24) Part 3 of 5

Synopsis: Jeremy, James and Richard are tasked with demolishing a row of derelict houses more quickly than the demolition experts. This, perhaps, explains why the trio have chosen to use military hardware as their weapons of mass demolition. Jeremy drives the Lotus T125 and an updated version of the Jensen Interceptor. Bob Geldof is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Top Gear TG Jeremy Clarkson Richard Nammond James May Stig actor actress pop star Family BBC One Two United Kingdom UK British Irish UK BBC1 BBC2 celebrity guests mixture chat comedy night comedian weekly chatfest abroad 45 minutes week band artis Series Season 17 Episode 05 s17 s se17 se e05 e e5 ep05 ep 17x5 17x05 1705 17.05 17.5 s17e05 s17e5 se17ep05 se17ep5 se17e05 s17ep05 s17ep5 Sunday TV Television Watch Full Episodes Online for FREE

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