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Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Top Gear Koenigsegg CCX The Stig

Top Gear Koenigsegg CCX The Stig

The Stig breaks the lap record with Koenigseggs CCX. This time the car has been set up properly, unlike the last time which resulted in The stig lost controll of the car. Koenigsegg claims the improved time wasn't due to the wing, which also have been a choosable option for the car since the beginning, and not something that appeared due to the show. "The reason the Stig went off the first time was that we hadn't had time to set the car up properly, it was over-steering slightly. For the second attempt, the CCX had a perfect set-up and better grip. The wing doesn't do any good at the speeds seen on the Top Gear track, only above 300 km/h does it start helping" -Bilsport, online article, 2006-06-05


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