Video - "Top Gear" - For Gyroplanes / Gyrocopters / Autogyros

Videa TopGear "Top Gear" - For Gyroplanes / Gyrocopters / Autogyros

"Top Gear" - For Gyroplanes / Gyrocopters / Autogyros

This video is available on DVD from Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters or Autogyros! Find out why they can be "all things to all aviators" in this "Top Gear" style program. Phil Harwood of The Gyrocopter Experience explains to you why flying Gyros is safer than light aircraft or light helicopters. With a variety of models now becoming available in the UK (and worldwide), the big question is... "which one do you want?", Phil explains the main differences between them. You are invited to "fly them, to try them, before you buy them" as they are all available in the Museum, Training School and Showroom at The Gyrocopter Experience - York. The world of Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters or Autogyros has changed! FInd out why

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