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Top Gear Deadly 720 - World Record - Top Gear - BBC

It's another world record for the Top Gear Live Stunt Team. Just a few months after the same dare-devil team completed the 'Deadly 720' loop-the-loop in a four-wheeled buggy in South Africa -- we got to thinking: could we perform the same feat if we removed 50 per cent of wheels as well as the roof and the steering wheel? In other words, on a motorbike. The answer would appear to be a resounding 'yes'. This is the final edit of, as Clarkson says: "a stunt man mad enough to want to turn himself upside down twice on a bike". Adding: "Pretty nerve wracking and spectacular". "I can't believe we've actually cracked it here at the NEC in front of a live audience," said a relieved and delighted Top Gear Live Creative Director, Rowland French. "Having now done the Deadly 720 on four and two wheels I have no idea what we'll dream up next -- but you can trust us to come up with something even more astonishing." Fans have until Sunday 28 October 2012 to experience the gravity defying Deadly 720+. There are still tickets on sale available from the official website or by calling 0871 230 5588.


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