Video - Top Gear [Championship] Stage 8 (FINAL) - United Kingdom {UK}

Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Top Gear [Championship] Stage 8 (FINAL) - United Kingdom {UK}

Top Gear [Championship] Stage 8 (FINAL) - United Kingdom {UK}

[00:27] Track 1 - London, England [06:51] Track 2 - Sheffield, England [09:07] Track 3 - Loch Ness, Scotland [11:36] Endgame Track - Stonehenge, England Note: London is the longest track of the game without a doubt, with the Red or Pink car you'll have to refuel TWICE here and like Rome track you need to get the 1st place as fast as you can and get as much distant as you can since if you don't you won't catch up to the CPU car (not the one bellow you). Using Nitros on the right parts of the course is also fundamental and always save one for the last pits stop. ... And Stonehenge is a total anti-climatic, letdown, finale for this awesome game. Seriously I was excepting an excruciating 9 Laps, 5 KM track to finish, but no, we got this simple thing akin to the first ones. Whatever then. Top Gear is still one of the finest racing games around.


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