Video - Top Gear [Championship] Stage 7 - Italy

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Top Gear [Championship] Stage 7 - Italy

[00:15] Track 1 - Pisa, Italy [02:58] Track 2 - Rome, Italy [07:51] Track 3 - Sicily, Italy [10:32] Final Track - Florence, Italy Note: Rome is possibly the trickiest track to earn a 1st place in Championship mode after Bordeux, while it seems plain and lacks sharp turns it has A LOT of upper-ward segments that prevents you from getting or maintaining a decent speed to catch up to the CPU (not the one bellow you). You must keep a speed above 230 km/h if you're hoping to beat it and to do so you must use the Nitro with extreme care and in the right spot of the track, don't forget you also need to worry about refueling your car. Without the Red Car it's nearly impossible to earn the 1st place due to speed limitations, even the White car has to refuel here. On a last note if you didn't make enough distance between you and the CPU before you go to the Pits then you have absolutely no hope of getting the 1st place here.


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