Video - Top Gear [Championship] Stage 6 - France

Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Top Gear [Championship] Stage 6 - France

Top Gear [Championship] Stage 6 - France

[00:26] Track 1 - Paris, France [03:00] Track 2 - Nice, France [07:52] Track 3 - Bordeaux, France [12:35] Final Track - Monaco, Monaco Note: Bordeaux is the most difficult track to earn a 1st place in the game. It has way too many sharp turns combined with downward segments to make you crash the hell on one of those big-ass grape (or wine) signs. You need to be patient and know every sharp turn and don't ever crash, even once in those signs or else you'll flat out get throw to 0 km/h and this in a track where you also need to refuel is guaranteed to make you lose 1st place for sure.


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