Video - Top Gear 20 Drift Kid: BMX Failure

Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Top Gear 20 Drift Kid: BMX Failure

Top Gear 20 Drift Kid: BMX Failure

Jay attempts to drift his bike into a spot between two others like that one little asian kid who's super pro and wins at life ORIGINAL VIDEO: SHIRTS: EMAIL (I take stunts trust me just suggest one) TWITTER: (I'm hardly ever on) BLOG: Yes, once again on the scene with more coffee than your or your grandmother could handle without taking out her false teeth, because apparently she does her best work when she's gumming. This week, tiny Japanese girls have the upper hand over me yet again (it's still not gross), when one of their youngest drifts effortlessly into a double park, something I can't even do with a car and ample space because I still don't have a full license. I should probably get on that. A 20 year old getting rides everywhere from his grandparents doesn't bode well to employers. I honestly wish there was some sort of skill within me, other than being able to hurt myself and make it funny somehow. BUT everyone always says "do what you're good at", so I guess I'm stuck. No big deal, really, since it's fun as hell and I'm the only person I know who can jump over a bike...most of my friends aren't very agile. If you guys have any suggestions for what I should do in the future here, leave a comment or the title of a video in the box down there or something. I don't know. DO WHAT YOU WANT I'm not the boss of you oh god For those of you who are dedicated enough to have stuck ...

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