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Top Gear 07e06s 2\4

Main review: Jeremy drives the first and only non-terrifying TVR, the Sagaris. James contends that despite his great praise for the vehicle, Jeremy would rather have a Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG because he's a coward. News: Jeremy has slipped two discs, which he describes as 'repetitive oversteer injury'; Proton have announced the Savvy, as a 'My First Lotus'; two new Mustangs, neither of which will be coming to the UK; Mercedes-Benz have styled a car like a fish; the Top Gear Survey. Versus Challenge: Clarkson races a Fiat Panda against a marathon runner around the London Marathon circuit during the morning rush-hour. After early success, the car gets bogged down in traffic and never recovers. Greatest Driving Song of All Time: Deep Purple's "Highway Star" Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Justin Hawkins recalls driving across America in a Reliant Regal. Lap time of 1:48. Cool Wall: The DB9 Cabriolet is cool in case you own one and it's called over a tannoy; Richard takes advantage of Clarkson's injury to place the Maserati Gran Sport in cool and the Peugeot 1007 in uncool; the Panda is cool because it's a 4x4 and annoys ecomentalists; the Range Rover Sport is uncool because a reality TV star wants one; the two disagree over the SLK55 — Hammond says its too fiddly and the two use large audience members to fight by proxy — Hammond's wins at first, but then Clarkson intervenes and it goes in sub-zero. Time Challenge: To celebrate the Transit's 40th birthday, Hammond goes to ...

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