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The red MAN's story

Feb 21, 2011, 09:13 PM | Thats my fathers new job. now he is working in company, where he worked with that blue TGX , which you can see in my first videos.. becouse of difficult situation in Latvia, one year ago company sold one part of their truck, and in this part was my fahthers TGX too... Now the company bought this red MAN TGA for my father... Its the same garage, becouse company which had that white KLV MAN repairs their trucks here... Now my father is driving from Scandinavia to Italy, he will be away couple months... BUT.. there will be two videos from me , one in the weekend (about that blue 5star MAN in previous video "Renault traffic tries to pull out MAN", it was only just small part, this will be ~6mins), other after week about one moment in truckers life (it will be about 1.30min)



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