Video - Renault Twingo 2013 [interior]

Videa Renault Twingo Renault Twingo 2013 [interior]

Renault Twingo 2013 [interior]

New Twingo's design combines compact exterior dimensions with an impressively spacious interior. This combination has always been Twingo's trademark. The market's roomiest city car provides 23 centimetres of knee room for rear passengers, which puts it among the segment's very best. Meanwhile, Twingo's reputation was also sealed through its versatility. Featuring separate, independently sliding, 50/50-split rear seats, Twingo is particularly practical, too. Its boot capacity can extend from 165 to 959dm3, while the numerous cubby holes and ingenious solutions available as options combine to make it the perfect partner both for shopping runs and for trips to the country. Multimedia audio systems are just one example of the new equipment available on New Twingo, some of which is revolutionising our driving habits. All the audio systems in the New Twingo range feature Bluetooth® functionality and audio- streaming with USB connectivity as standard (from March 2012). This makes it easy to play digital music, from a player, phone or USB stick. In this area, too, New Twingo delivers the same features as Renault models in other segments.

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