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Renault Alpine Concept Car 2012

A true prototype Produced with the renowned expertise of Renault Sport Technologies, the Renault Alpine A110- 50 is imbued with the world of motorsport. It benefits from the experience gained from the racing Mégane Trophy by using the same technical platform. Acclaimed by drivers in the WORLD SERIES by RENAULT, the tubular chassis of the Renault Alpine A110-50 has been stiffened and undergone several developments. The roll cage and bracing in the engine bay have been modified (lowered) in the workshop of Tork Engineering to adapt them to the vehicle's height, which is lower than that of Mégane Trophy. The digital design work was led by Renault Design, Koller and Etud Integral, while final assembly was carried out by Protostyle. The final weight distribution is almost ideal, with 47.8% over the front wheels. To facilitate servicing, the concept car features integral pneumatic jacks. Derived directly from the systems seen in endurance racing, they allow the wheels to be changed extremely quickly

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