Video - Misato Classic Car Festival Oct 2nd 2011

Videa Renault Alpine Misato Classic Car Festival Oct 2nd 2011

Misato Classic Car Festival Oct 2nd 2011

Hundreds of Japanese and international classic cars - all in great shape and some so rare that less than a handful remain in the world. All owned by amateur car enthusiasts... Some cars travelled halfway across the country to participate. Some even had numberplates from as far back as the 50s .The owners were also happy to wander over and tell you all about the car - sometimes against your will... true down to earth car enthusiasts. Many of the classic Skylines were still race ready with roll cages, and some were still being raced today. Japanese classics such as.... Classic GT and GTR Skylines, Glorias, Fairladys, Datsuns, 1967 Prince Skyline (2000GT-B) S54 , Subarus, Mitsubishi Galant GTO, Celicas, and countless more. Foreign classic cars such as.... MBs, Jaguar, Lotus, a DeLorean DMC-12, a Renault Alpine, Triumphs, Fiats, a Thunderbird, and even a Pink Caddy. 22 minutes of photgraphs, hopefully capturing the essence of the event. I viewed a lot of classic models whose existence was previously unknown to me... a very enlightening and enjoyable day had by all. Thanks to my new friend Neal for the wealth of insight into most of the cars on display. Its always useful to have an enthusiast nearby to get background on the cooler cars on display.

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