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Matra Djet 5S Sportscar

The Matra Djet was a French sports car designed by René Bonnet and modified by Matra. The car had various names in its life from 1962 till 1967: René Bonnet Djet, Matra Bonnet Djet, Matra Sports Djet and finally Matra Sports Jet. The car started out as the René Bonnet Djet (later known as Djet I) in June 1962. The car was named Djet, because Bonnet thought the French could not pronounce the word jet correctly. It was powered by a 65 PS (48 kW) 1108 cc Renault 8 mid-engine mated to a Renault Estafette gearbox, giving a top speed of 165 km/h (103 mph) or, in the Djet III with an uprated Gordini engine, 190 km/h (118 mph). The fiberglass body was made by Matra, which was glued to a steel chassis. Matra also provided the factory where the Djets were built, in Romorantin. There was also the competition Aérodjet of 1963 (pictured in the gallery), with a special long tail and bigger fenders to accommodate wider wheels. The Djet had a very modern design with disc brakes and independent suspension with wishbones and coil springs all around. The car accommodated for two people, there was no back seat as the engine took that place. The car measured 3.80 m (length) by 1.40 m (width) by 1.15 m (height) and weighed only 600 kg (1323 lb). The 1962 Bonnet Djet was the worlds first mid-engined production road car, beating the de Tomaso Vallelunga which was introduced in 1963. The first production Djets actually only left the factory in July 1963.[1] The Lamborghini Miura was not ...



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