Video - Jeremy Clarkson tests original Ford GT40

Videa Měření výkonu motoru (DYNO testy) Jeremy Clarkson tests original Ford GT40

Jeremy Clarkson tests original Ford GT40

From the video: Jeremy Clarkson Most Outrageus. The story began back in the early 60's. Ford wanted to dominate all the branches of motorsport, and to win the famous 24 hours of Le Mans, they decided the easiest way would be to buy Ferrari, which had an inpressive and unchallenged streak of wins in this race. But Enzo Ferrari came up with loads of new conditions for the sale all the time. The deal turned sour and after some time, Ferrari closed the negotiations. Henry Ford II was furious! He ordered his best engineers to: "Create a car that would crush the red italians!" After two years of developement, testing, failure and improvement, the GT40 dominated Le Mans in 1966, with both first, second and third place being taken by this incredible machine. But it didn't stop there, all the three folowing years, the GT40 won the Le Mans, securing it a place in all proper gearheads hall of fame.


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