Video - Forza Motorsport 4 - DLC: "TopGear Car Pack" Trailer (May 2012) | HD

Videa TopGear Forza Motorsport 4 - DLC: "TopGear Car Pack" Trailer (May 2012) | HD

Forza Motorsport 4 - DLC: "TopGear Car Pack" Trailer (May 2012) | HD

Pick up an additional lot of cars to abuse in Forza Motorsport 4 with the new May Top Gear pack. LIKE US @ / FOLLOW US @ ABOUT THIS GAME ************************ Forza Motorsport 4 which will launch for Xbox 360 with Kinect support on October 11 (North America) and October 14th 2011 (Europe). In the game you can create a Car Club and build the ultimate dream team of drivers, tuners and painters from the Forza community. With the all-new Rivals Mode, you can play against your friends whether they are online or not by challenging them for bragging rights and rewards in a variety of different game types. The all new World Tour Mode boasts new tracks, unending choice and hundreds of hours of gameplay as you travel the globe with your favorite car. Forza Motorsport 4 ************************ GENRE: Racing RELEASE DATE(S): + US: October 11, 2011 + EU: October 14, 2011 + DLC: May 1, 2012 PLATFORM: Xbox 360 w/ Kinect Support EXCLUSIVELY ON: Xbox 360 w/ Kinect Support WEBSITE: AVAILABLE @ AMAZON: PUBLISHER: Microsoft DEVELOPER: Turn 10 Studios ESRB: RP for Rating Pending LIKE US on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US on TWITTER: --- TAGS: forza "forza 4" "forza motorsport 4" "forza 4 gameplay" "forza 4 trailer" "forza 4 dlc" "forza 4 dlc may" DLC "TopGear Car Pack" fm4 kinect de deutsch xbox "Xbox 360" game trailer spiel 2012 xboxviewtv "endangered species" gaming "video games" hd official gameplay video "jeremy ...

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