Video - Car Review: Renault Megane Hatch vs Citroen C4 VTi

Videa Renault Megane Car Review: Renault Megane Hatch vs Citroen C4 VTi

Car Review: Renault Megane Hatch vs Citroen C4 VTi

Gavin: I'd choose the Megane for performance and looks. C4 for ergonomics and usability. Megane. perfect car for those girls who enjoy driving a bit faster". Pity VW nicked the "Fox" name for those awful late 80s rebadged Jettas. Will mention the other C4's gearbox how it felt like you'd driven over a stout wardrobe when it changed gears or someone had pulled up the handbrake. This one's better, but I still find you have to really lock it into reverse. My Conquest had the same problem. In 1997. Make the point that we only have these cars for a week at a time so it's difficult to comment on their overall functionality, but being adaptable creatures humans can adjust and learn almost any ergonomic environment, even if it's French. The cubbyhole not fitting the owner's manual as you mentioned. Counter intuitive being another word for French. I challenge the nation to change to MW on the Megane. Graphics on TOm Tom aren't great. Ciro: I want to like the Citroen, I really do. But the Renault just excites me in a way I didn't expect. It's one of the most well-sorted cars I've ever driven, in terms of actually driving the thing. The Citroen is the nicer place to be though. Its more luxurious. I think this is because for a long time Citroen made lounge suites that could move. Both have the most infuriating infotainment systems, although the Citroens is easier to use. I even managed to get my music playing via Bluetooth from my Blackberry. The Citroen's owner's manual does not fit ...

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