Video - ► 2013 Renault Twingo [driving scenes]

Videa Renault Twingo ► 2013 Renault Twingo [driving scenes]

► 2013 Renault Twingo [driving scenes]

New Renault Twingo is the first vehicle in the range to feature Renault's new design identity. New Twingo will go on sale in early 2012, and the incorporation of a number of styling features that will soon contribute to the visual signature of all Renault models ensures that it proudly displays the optimism that is emblematic of the Twingo spirit. New Twingo returns to its roots with a particularly expressive and engaging front end.

To strengthen further the bond with its owners, New Renault Twingo offers an even bigger choice of interior and exterior customisation accessories that will enable every customer to create "their" Twingo.

New Twingo is still as fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly as ever. Renault's constant focus on improving powerplants and vehicle aerodynamics has made New Twingo one of the most competitive internal combustion-engined vehicles for fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. New Twingo will achieve a benchmark combined cycle fuel consumption starting at 3.2 litres/100km and will emit just 85g/km of CO2 when powered by the 1.5 dCi Diesel engine due out in 2012.

New Twingo retains its best-in-class status, boasting unequalled versatility, acclaimed interior space and a raft of engines. More than capable of devouring long distances, New Twingo can even appeal to sporty customers on circuits thanks to the Renault Sport-developed Twingo R.S. and Gordini R.S. versions.

New Twingo's refined look, build quality (it is produced at the Novo mesto plant in Slovenia) and widely acclaimed reliability ensure that it will please the widest of customer bases.

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