Renault Nervasport TG 5

Renault Nervasport TG 5

Rok výroby 1932 - ...

Model: Nervasport (1932 - 1935)

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The initial "TG 5" version of the Nervasport appeared in March 1932. It was powered by the same 4241 cc inline-eight with 100 PS (74 kW). Weighing in at 160 kg (350 lb) less, it was appreciably faster than the Nervastella. It has a 3,130 mm (123 in) wheelbase and was classified as a 24 CV in the French taxation system. This first model can be recognized by having a straight one-piece front bumper, five equally sized vent flaps on the bonnet sides, and a fairly upright grille. The car was considered solid, fast, and safe, albeit lacking in brakes in spite of them being of a servoed (mechanical) design. The TG 5 model code showed its close relation to the TG/1/2/3/4 models of the Nervastella. Unlike the Nervastella, the first Nervasport received a three- rather than a four-speed gearbox. As for the Nervastella, only the top two gears had synchro.

In total, 540 TG 5s were built, with the last 40 examples equipped with Suspendu Amorti ("damped suspension") rubber engine mounts - a response to Citroën's Moteur Flottant ("floating engine") of 1932. The TG 5 briefly remained available alongside the new ZC 2 - as a result, 48 late and still unsold TG 4 and TG 5 Nervastellas and Nervasports were rebodied with aerodynamic bodywork much like that of the succeeding ZC 2 (and ZD 2) models, thus forming a sort of intermediate variant.

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