Renault Nervasport Grand Sport

Renault Nervasport Grand Sport

Rok výroby 1935 - 1937

Model: Nervasport (1932 - 1935)

Wikipedia (Nervasport):

Anglicky (český popis chybí)

A super-streamlined version called the Nerva Grand Sport (ABM 3) appeared in March 1935 and was offered alongside the Nervasport for a little while. Earlier, there had also been a Nervastella Grand Sport (ZD 4) available. Both models feature integrated headlights and very curvy bodywork. After the Nervasport was discontinued, only the Nerva Grand Sport remained, in ABM 5 and later ABM 7 forms. Production ended in July 1937, although the car seems to have remained in pricelists until 1938.

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