Renault Espace V, 5. generace

Renault Espace V 5

Rok výroby 2015 - ...

Model: Espace (1984 - ...)

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The fifth-generation Espace was unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October 2014. It abandons the large MPV design of previous generations, instead having a crossover styling. The car is based on the Renault–Nissan Common Module Family architecture developed by both Renault and Nissan.

The Renault Espace has radar Adaptive Cruise Control, and active emergency braking. It is offered with the latest version of Renault's R–Link 2 infotainment system (voice control, navigation, Bluetooth and radio), engine stop-start, emergency brake assist, lane departure warning and road-sign recognition with speed limit alerts, 360-degreee sensors, reversing camera and a hands-free parking system.

The Espace V is only available in LHD markets, with no RHD vehicles built or sold.

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Výroba Espace 2 udm Rendík
25 dnů, 4 hodin
Výroba Espace
Renault Espace 2017 TEST DRIVE 1 Rendík
Renault Espace Energy TCE 200 Initiale Paris 2015 1 Rendík
Renault Espace 2016 1 Rendík
Reklama na nový Espace 1 udm

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2016 Renault Espace V
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2015-11-22  udm
2016 Renault Espace V
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2015-11-22  udm
2016 Renault Espace V
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2015-11-22  udm
2016 Renault Espace V
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2015-11-22  udm

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